Our Story…

The who…

Canadian Jetpack Adventures Inc. is your sources for Flyboard rentals, sales and service in Western Canada.

Canadian Jetpack Adventures Inc. was started in 2012 by Brody Wells as Alberta Flyboard Inc.. Brody was born and raised in Alberta. He fell in love with the Flyboard at first site. After seeing the Flyboard on an internet video he knew he had to try it for himself. Brody has been pushing the envelope of Flyboarding in Canada ever since. A founding member of Team CanFly – Canada’s National Flyboard Team – Brody is also a world-ranked Professional Flyboarder.

Brody was joined by Rodney Biggar as co-owner in 2013. Rodney was born and raised in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Rodney’s Flyboarding infatuation started after the first try on Jackfish Lake. Rodney was (and still is!) so excited about the Flyboard that he wanted to help bring it to the masses! Since joining forces with Brody Wells and Alberta Flyboard he has been integral to the Flyboard movement in Canada and the World.

In 2014 Brody and Rodney started Canadian Jetpack Adventures Inc., Alberta Flyboard’s sister company. In 2017 Alberta Flyboard Inc. merged with Canadian Jetpack Adventures Inc., taking on it’s name and logo. We are now proud to offer 6 great locations across Western Canada to serve you!

Co-owners Brody and Rodney are joined by a talented group of passionate Flyboard enthusiasts and professionals which make up the Canadian Jetpack Adventures team. We want nothing more then to get you strapped into a Flyboard for adrenaline-packed thrill ride. Our friendly, dedicated and knowledgable certified Flyboard instructors boast an extremely high success rate, getting over 90% of our customers up and flying within their first 5-7 minutes!

We promise a fun, unique Flyboarding experience you won’t soon forget!

The what…

flyboard |flaɪ-bɔ:d|


  1. an insanely cool hydro-flight device.
  2. an excellent treatment for an andrenaline craving.
  3. complete awesomeness in physical form.

The Flyboard is a deviously simple piece of hydro-flight technology. It was invented in the summer of 2011 by a French jet ski racer, Franky Zapata, and officially revealed to the public in November of 2011 with just a simple Youtube video. The device is an attachment to a personal watercraft (PWC) and consists of a board, which features boots on the top and water nozzles on the bottom, and an 80-foot hose which connects to the jet pump of the PWC. The PWC forces water through the hose to the board where the nozzles generate thrust. The Flyboard can soar over 40-feet in the air and more then 8-feet below the water! The amount of thrust at the board is controlled by the throttle of the PWC or by a hand-held EMK (Electronic Management Kit). The Flyboard is easy to install and will fit most late-model PWCs.

Flyboarding is the latest in extreme watersports, but don’t be fooled, it’s much easier than it looks!

Canadian Jetpack Adventures offers serveral different rental options to suite your needs. From a one-on-one 20 minute lesson to group lessons and even private lessons!

The where…

We have 6 great locations across Western Canada to serve you! Each of our locations are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable and passionate certified Flyboard instructors. Some of our certified Flyboard instructors are members of Team CanFly – Canada’s National Flyboard Team. Which means you have the opportunity to learn how to Flyboard from a professional Flyboarder! You can find Mike Prince and Adrian Boucher in Kelowna, Curtis Pangrass in Shuswap and Brody Wells, Jordan Fabro and Jason Crook in Sylvan Lake. To book your Flyboarding lesson with one of our professionals call us at today!

Ready to get get flying? Call us at and get started today!
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The when…

Our operating season in Western Canada starts in May and finishes up in late September.

The how…

Whether you’re an avid adventure seeker, a bucket list kicker or an entrepreneur, Canadian Jetpack Adventures has the thrill for you. Not only do we offer rentals/lessons but we also sell the Flyboard and now offer financing. We can get you fully equipped with the PWC of your choice, Flyboard, Jetpack or Hoverboard package of your choice and get it all under one payment. If owning a board is not enough, and you have a lake in mind and want to work on the beach this summer, make sure to get in touch with our sales team at for more information. Our turn-key business model will help you get up and running quickly and easily while taking away the uncertainty and reducing the unexpected. Our experienced staff know what it takes to get up and running with the Flyboard and we will show you how.


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