Business Opportunities

Have you ever dreamed about flying around on your own personal jetpack? How about flying around on your own personal jetpack and getting PAID to do it? Well guess what? With Alberta Flyboard Inc. and Canadian Jetpack Adventures Inc., dreams can come true! This year we will be interviewing potential businesses, new and existing, that want to become part of the Flyboard® Family and start renting the Flyboard® at different locations across Western Canada. If you’re interested, or know someone who is, contact for more information. The Alberta Flyboard and Canadian Jetpack Adventures Advantage: Your new Flyboard business comes turn-key with everything set up for you, includes your equipment that you need to start up, programs in place, payment processors, waivers and technology, as well as liability insurance. Your website is set up, and your booking software is taken care of! Become a part of our team and we take out the pain and stress of starting a new business and turn it into a fun and exciting adventure as it should be.Skill vs Thrill: Most water rides are thrill based rides. No skill is required and no reward or accomplishment is earned. The more you ride a thrill ride, the less thrilling it becomes, this is called thrill fatigue. Alberta Flyboard and Canadian Jetpack Adventures’ dynamic method of teaching and advanced courses are the best antidote to thrill fatigue. The adrenaline rush of successful challenges met, inspires riders to achieve a never ending cycle of skill based reward, thereby increasing visitation and loyalty.

The Flyboard focuses on the end-user and their individual sporting pursuits: The three fastest-growing sports – surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding – are all board sports. Through the invention of the Flyboard and its patented water propulsion technology, Zapata Racing has pioneered the creation of the ultimate cross-platform board sport of “flyboarding.” Flyboarding is a sport that appeals to all board sport participants along with other Xtreme sport enthusiasts.

Desire for Experiences: Consumers and sports enthusiasts worldwide want an “experience.” They want to be challenged. Flyboarding affords riders the opportunity to learn a variety of board sport skills while enjoying a great core strengthening workout.

Rise of Social Media: It’s almost as fun to watch as it is to ride yourself. This shared social phenomenon makes the Flyboard the perfect setting for photos, live video streams, and riders first hand blogging about their experience with Flyboarding and Alberta Flyboard or Canadian Jetpack Adventures. Uploads, shares, and postings of photos and video on various social media sites generate product awareness while promoting the sport of Flyboard and the Flyboard Family ideology.

The Flyboard business generally runs from Mid May till Mid Sept. In just 4 short months per year you can run a profitable business while spending your summer at the lake and having the time of your life! Unlike most businesses in Western Canada, staff is easy to attract and maintain based on the excitement of the flyboard and the atmosphere that is created around the sport.

The cost to get into the business can vary depending on if you buy new or used equipment, as well as the location that you choose to operate out of. If you are close to major center, the cost would be higher then something a little further from town or more secluded generally. You can anticipate approx $25,000 to $50,000 would be your start up costs including all your fees and equipment, and with a good business and marketing plan you can pay that back and turn profits in your very first 4 month season!

Welcome to the Western Canada Flyboard Family - Business Opportunities


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